Cash flow : Reinvented

Control your cash flow with Rimilia

Rimilia provides a complete accounts receivable platform using intelligent machine learning to enable control and efficiency, seamlessly integrating into your ERP

Credit management and credit collection

Rimilia use customer behaviour and attributes to create a new way of managing risk and collections, turning data into dynamic customer strategies.

Multi currency cash allocation and reconcilliation

With Rimilia, you can automate repetitive processes, reduce manual effort and significantly improve your matching rates and clear down times – delivering ROI within 12 months.

Dynamic analytics and artificial intelligence (AI)

With Rimilia, you can start forecasting and predicting payment behaviour from day one – allowing you to chase the right customer at the right time every time.

Credit management and credit collection

Your collections team need all the help they can get. With Rimilia, you can focus resources on the important tasks and leave behind traditional methods of collecting data from sheets and sales ledgers. Our intelligent finance platform will change the way you work from day one.

If a customer sends a remittance, Rimilia’s credit management software will see this and mark every invoice that is about to be paid; so you don’t have to chase these invoices.


  • Simple, cloud based set up
  • Turns data into intelligence in real time
  • Complements any ERP
  • Eliminates the uncertainty of cash collection
  • Underpinned by dynamic predictive analytics operating in real time
  • Enables you to develop appropriate customer strategies

Alloc8 Collect is a fantastic product that has provided real benefits and savings to our customers and our business by delivering on the promise of improved auto cash collection

Ruth Morland,
Transaction Processing Manager, Biffa

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Multi-currency cash allocation and reconciliation

With Rimilia, you can automate repetitive processes, reduce manual effort and significantly improve your matching rates and clear down times. A typical ROI is within 12 months.

Our software uses an intelligent, self-learning engine to automate repetitive processes, greatly reducing the time to reconcile, increasing efficiency and reducing human error, as well as providing a full audit trail.

Multi-currency cash allocation highlights

  • Up to 96% match rate including multi-currency
  • Unrivalled match rates - 95% cash allocation by 9am every day
  • Average 70% reduction in manual activity
  • Full audit and control
  • Benchmarked by Hackett Group as Best in Class
  • Interactive and intuitive to use

We currently enjoy a 85% – 95% currency match rate which allows the accounts receivable team to focus on debt collection using clean, accurate and up to date sales ledgers.

Carol Pollard,
EU Credit Manager at Wesco Aircraft

Bank reconciliation highlights

  • Self-learning engine (achieving up to 98% match rate!)
  • Ability to automatically match bank to general ledger up to 100% within minutes, every day
  • Multiple bank files and formats loaded in seconds
  • Full digital audit trail and sign off process
  • Imports and aggregates multiple diverse data sets
  • Advanced dashboard and real-time reporting

Rimilia has allowed us to use less manual activity and has dramatically cut down on many hours of reconciling.

Laura Tyers,
Financial Accountant at Aggregate Industries

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Dynamic analytics and artificial intelligence (AI)

Rimilia’s intelligent finance platform allows organisations to fully integrate cash, credit and reconciliation solutions underpinned by dynamic predictive analytics operating in real time, enabling them to control and accurately forecast their cash flow.

This ability to forecast and predict payments and collections behaviour is the cornerstone of our system; delivering finance professionals and their teams real-time visibility of their cash position and the ability to chase the right customers.


  • Ability to predict customer payment behaviour and timings
  • Take account of user intelligence – e.g. promise to pay
  • Real time cash position and forecasting
  • Eliminates unallocated cash

Rimilia's automation tools have made everyone's life easier and more rewarding

Alison Maconachie
Sales Ledger Manager at YPO

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