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We believe in smart synchronized solutions that show a clearer picture, so you can focus your sights on the bigger picture. See what we can do for business leaders across your organization.
Finance Leaders (CFOs, Controllers, VP Finance)
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Make smarter, more accurate finance and credit decisions with Rimilia.

  • Speed up cash application

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    Use AI and 200 pre-built rules to automatically match customer invoices to payments.
  • Control your cash

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    Predict customer behavior and analyze payment patterns to forecast cash flow.
  • Improve customer service

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    Manage and resolve customer disputes efficiently with workflow-driven case tracking.
  • Manage risk and optimize ROI

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    Analyze Customer Attractiveness Scores based on payment performance, creditworthiness, and profitability.
  • Streamline customer onboarding

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    Confidently fast-track new customers from sale to shipment with automated credit approval and processing.

Software finance people love

Forget the guesswork. Ditch the spreadsheets. Rimilia uses big data, customer history, AI-powered automation and machine learning to enhance your client financial relationships, maximizing revenue and customer satisfaction.

The only truly global solution

Any currency. Any bank. Any ERP. Any language.
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Built by finance professionals

We get your business. We’ve lived it. That’s why we built Rimilia.
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Industry-leading artificial intelligence

Accurately predict outcomes and automate actions.
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Loomis Case Study

See how Loomis reduced their 60-day plus overdue debt to less than 1% with Rimilia Cash and Collect.

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Veolia Case Study

Discover how Veolia used Rimilia Cash to achieve a Full-Payment Processing Rate (FPPR) of 97%.

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TalkTalk Case Study

TalkTalk improves efficiency by 85% just by streamlining cash application.

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Avis Case Study

Learn how Avis went from 5-days' cash application turnaround to 1 day.

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