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Rimilia | Adecco Customer Testimonial

Rimilia Provides Accounts Receivable, Cash Allocation/Cash Application For Adecco UK

Rimilia | Alloc8 Provides 92% Cash Automatching | Accounts Receivable

Rimilia | Would Adecco UK Recommend Alloc8?

Rimilia | Martin Kirby Explains Alloc8 Audit Control

Rimilia | What Was Life Like For Adecco UK Before Alloc8?


Rimilia | YPO Customer Testimonial

Rimilia Software Solutions Help YPO To Become More Efficient In Their Financial Processes

Rimilia | Life At YPO Prior To Alloc8?

Rimilia | How Has Alloc8 Matched YPO’S Needs?

Rimilia | What Has It Been Like Working With Rimilia? | Alloc8

Rimilia | How Has Alloc8 Changed The Way YPO Works?


Rimilia | Veolia Customer Testimonials

Rimilia Has Helped Veolia UK To Become A Centre Of Excellence For Credit Management.

Rimilia | What Benefits Does Alloc8 Provide For Veolia UK?

Rimilia | Results Veolia UK Has Achieved Using Alloc8

Rimilia | What Is It Like Working With Rimilia? | Alloc8

Rimilia | The Old Process Has Gone. Alloc8 Is Here! | Veolia UK


Rimilia | Our Product Tutorials

Here you can find tutorials and user resources on our software and hardware

Rimilia | Cash Application/Cash Allocation Explainer Video

Rimilia | Cash Allocation/Cash Application Panini Check Scanner Cleaning

Rimilia | Cash Allocation


Our Products

Here you can find out about our award winning intelligent finance solutions

Rimilia | Cash Allocation Software Functionality Testing

Rimilia | Cash Application Software | Alloc8