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Ask us a question

What does Rimilia do?

Rimilia is a global cash allocation software solutions company that believe in changing the way the business world operates through implementation of ground breaking financial technology solutions. We firmly believe in delivering fast ROI for customers, providing transparent pricing and a risk free decision process. As experienced practitioners we work closely with our customers to ensure a long term partnership.

Why Rimilia?

When we devised the company, rather than have a name that tied us in to a solution or service we wanted to capture in a word what our solutions all do:

Receive It Match It Learn It Automate

What is Robotic Process Automation? (RPA)

RPA is a term that explains what our solutions do and why they are different to what is generally available. Our solutions use real intelligence, and advanced logics that create informed decisions to a user, meaning the solutions allow for a much more insightful view of an organisation and remove any manual repetitive tasks, leaving minimal exceptions for a user. This method provides for higher match rates in cash, much better cash forecasting and allows collectors to chase customers who need chasing, at the right time. Improving efficiencies beyond world class, out of the box in 6 weeks or less and providing intelligence to a user to improve their job role.

What is a typical implementation period?

We have built a standard set of “out of the box” solutions, which means most organisations can get up and running from 6 weeks of making a decision, benefits will start from day 1 and return on investment within 12 months, if not sooner.

Rimilia will also provide you with a Pre Delivery Assurance guarantee which ensures you see the solution in action using your data and the added benefits it brings before you go live. In addition to this we ensure interfaces are working and that the system is configured correctly at no extra charge.

Cash allocation how does it work?

Within 6 weeks, Rimilia’s Alloc8 cash module can work in any country, with any ERP, any payment or deposit type, and remittance type in any sector/industry. As all the logic is built in we can achieve a rapid installation, with fast ROI as standard. The logic that we have built means we can take you to world class and beyond in 6-12 weeks, achieving world beating match rates of 90% and above in many cases. Even the items that are not automatched can be cleared with our one click intelligent AUTOFINDER ™. Never has the phrase “Too good to be true” been used so much.

What are the automation levels you can expect?

Alloc8 Cash has a unique constant learning engine that means unlike most other solutions or ERP cash match modules, Alloc8 will constant learn and use this learning to help constantly improve the match rates. With over 150 already built matching rules that all customers have access to you have the peace of mind that we have the rules for you…if not we will always loom to build these at no charge to our clients.

With the ability to identify alias names (where the name of the deposit is different to the sales ledger), where a customer pays from multiple bank accounts, where clients make a single payment that can cover accounts and invoices across many divisions, many companies or even multiple ERPS.

What sales ledgers can it work with?

The simple answer is, any!

We have a very simple standard interface that allows us to extract all of your open cash items in a very easy file transfer. Once Alloc8 Cash has made all the relevant matches, we can then send all the matched cash back into your ERP often within the first hour of receiving all your receipts.

What banks and bank file formats does it accept?

Again, any!

You do not have to contact the bank or make any changes to your current formats. So if its an MT940, Faster Payment, BACS, CHAPS, BAI2, Lockbox, SWIFT, SEPA, ACS, we can do it as standard!

How does it deal with remittances?

As we all know a remittance can be presented in any format, at any time from any source. Our Alloc8 cash solution is unique in the way it deals with remittances, an intelligent scanning solution, it identifies the data on the remittance and is able to quickly match against the sales ledger within Alloc8 cash and identify, if the payment has been received, if not hold the allocation and a copy of the remittance electronically (allowing collectors to get an early view of a forthcoming payment).

If a remittance arrives with the payment, match and allocate, and if the remittance arrives after, identify if required or already match and attach an electronic copy for future reference. Simple and effective and you only pay for the scans that are required for an allocation, not the ones that aren’t!

What payment receipts or deposits can it deal with?

Because Alloc8 cash is a one stop solution we can accept any receipt or deposit type whether that is an electronic deposit from any bank format as above, or cheques (checks) Credit and Debit Card, cash over the counter, In branch deposits.

High speed cheque scanners also allow you to electronically scan and capture up to 50 cheques a minute and retain the image (front and back) for future search/query /audit purposes.

What countries can it work in?

Any! For organisations that operate across many countries Alloc8 cash is an ideal solution as it can provide you a single solution, single real time view allowing you to realise the potential immediately or future onboarding of new countries without worry.

As a Sofware As A Service solution, we operate out of two world class ISO accredited data centres, providing you a with a safe and secure means to provide a single global process with a single solution, Alloc8 Cash!

What about multi currency or local taxes?

No problem! As standard Alloc8 cash can deal with any currency and can deal with cross currency payments and bank charges, working out in many cases if the payment is in or out of any tolerance or country tax deduction etc.

Whats sectors / industries does it work in?

Rimilia has implemented its solutions across many blue chip organsiations across the globe, leaving you safe in the knowledge that it can cope with the many different transactions types that appear in different organisations.

We have many satisfied  clients who are happy to provide you with a reference and give you the confidence that wherever you are and whatever you do, Alloc8 cash will improve your current process.

What allocations type does it handle?

Because we have installed our solutions across so many different organisations we can handle nearly every instance from discounting, deductions, short pays, over pays, multi reference look ups, one to one, one to many, many to one, cross company, cross division, cross ERP, inter company etc etc. Of course there are always one or two exceptions… but as standard we cover nearly every variation!

What is unallocated cash?

Unallocated cash is where a payment has been received and either the customer that it has come from is unknown or the invoices it relates to is unknown. This results in either the payment being posted to a suspense/holding account or being applied to the customer account.

This will ensure that the overall outstanding debtors is correct, however the age of the debt will still be incorrect as the invoices the payment relates to remain outstanding and therefore may affect bad debt provisions.

Alloc8 cash can reduce and even eliminate unallocated cash and again we have many case studies to demonstrate this.

How does ALLOC8 help with my Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliance?

There are a number of requirements that organisations must adhere to in respect of AML compliance.

For example, payments in excess of £10k that are out of the ordinary, large cash receipts, changing payment method behaviour – ALLOC8 not only tracks these but can also report on them and has them stored for future audit purposes with the ability to add comments to the payment

How does ALLOC8 assist with auditing and Sarbanes Oxley compliance?

Audit trails and control are the key here. All payment receipts are locked into a control system, therefore no receipts can be manually added and none can be removed without leaving an audit stamp and trail.

Therefore, when auditors request evidence of how cash has been applied, rather than a trip to the dusty store room, off site storage facility, or finding the right index for the image scan repository, simply search for the payment receipt or invoice number and all related actions and transactions are immediately displayed.

What is the cost?

Rimilia operates an ethical and transparent pricing model that means the price we quote is the price we charge and any…. Absolutely any changes are pre-agreed. As a Software As A Service model we operate a simple pricing model.

Solution License
Based on number of payment receipts received. This is a fixed price and if you exceed the banding, we will not retrospectively charge you. Also means you can future proof the solution for growth or additional volumes. This also includes a support, and all future standard solution upgrades.

Implementation Costs
Normally a fixed price. As a SaaS company our licenses drive our operating model and we do not charge excessive professional services, again making it very clear. Our mantra is to get you live as soon as possible and get the benefits flowing and we always go the extra mile.. often above and beyond professional services quoted for.

Hosting Charge
In line with the solution license, we operate two Tier 4 data centers in UK and USA.

As required.

Customer satisfaction
The driver to our continued success from many reference customers, in many sectors across the globe, to a risk free implementation and ongoing upgrades as part of the price means you have peace of mind that you can achieve beyond world class as standard.

How long is a typical implementation?

We have implemented solutions in many countries across many sectors. Our team is very experienced in delivering dynamic and customer friendly projects in 6 weeks using our standard out of the box solutions.

How are Rimilia solutions delivered?

Our solutions are cloud based, subscription models. Operating 2 global data centres in the UK and USA that are both fully compliant with current security certifications