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Moving away from flat one dimensional database driven and workflow practice.


To something much more dynamic and innovative.

We believe cash allocation software solutions should support the user to make informed decisions and to move away from the manual repetitive process.


We promote and adhere to ethical standards of conducting business globally. Our solutions offer cost effective, high quality and industry leading benefits to our customers now and for the future.

Our transparent pricing model provides clarity and confidence that customers are getting world class solutions with no hidden costs.

We offer a risk free purchase guarantee which ensures you will receive all of the benefits we say we can provide so that you can enjoy a fast return on investment, usually within 6-9 months if not sooner.

Our belief is to continue to innovate through use of technology and to ensure our customers are receiving the very best service possible.


Our innovative technology drives value from repetitive and often manually intensive processes through use of automation and artificial intelligence (or real intelligence as we like to call it) to enable dynamic decision making.

All our solutions offer predictive analytics allowing you to see the future now to better understand your customer behaviour and to analyse trends to inform robust strategic decision making.

Our automation solutions enable you to improve efficiency and focus on more value added tasks over the often resource intensive transaction processing. This is achieved through use of our unique self-learning engine which grows as your business does.


We constantly invest in talent to ensure we have the best team of people to deliver the highest standard of service possible for our customers.

Our commitment to the development of our people allows us to ensure continuous personal and company growth which we feel is vital to our success now and for the future.

Our staff believe in the added value Rimilia solutions can bring to the global customer market and are prepared to go that extra mile to provide exceptional quality of service. As we grow, we believe our people should grow with us.