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Rimilia Blog

Get the most from your Credit Team

By Rimilia
The key resource for any business is the people we employ to achieve the results we want. One common challenge for almost every manager of a business and or department is managing their time and, at the same time, motivating our people to continually achieve better results. Technology can now be leveraged to give credit managers the right tools and...
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The Dance of the Robots: How to turn data into practicable insight

In the 25 years I have worked in credit management, the key tasks facing our profession have essentially remained unchanged: minimise bad debt, maintain strong cashflow and reduce business risk. Huge volumes of data now underpin every task, challenge or opportunity facing credit managers today. Although some people may regard this data as a...
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Tokyo 2020 preparations start for Rimilia sponsored GB Paracanoe athlete Tim Lodge

Read about the journey of Tim Lodge, member of the GB Paracanoe squad, as Rimilia support him in his quest to represent Team GB at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Follow Tim’s blogs as he tells about the achievements and challenges, and how he applies the disciplines learned in the sporting arena to the business world. Tim was a member of the Sales and...
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Why AI solutions are perfect for Accounts Receivable

AI solutions are transforming ever more business processes and providing great benefits to those that adopt them, but is accounts receivable suitable for this kind of automation? The most important benefits of AI solutions are that they can optimise processes and repetitive tasks and provide humans with intelligence to make better informed decisions. ...
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How to Manage Risk by Making the Most of Your Data

In many organisations the management of risk is done independently of managing collections. In the past this has been because of the lack of technology or systems available to successfully integrate the two.Many finance teams either struggle to obtain information or have so much information, usually stored in several Excel files, that it is a difficult...
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