Rimilia Insight 2019 featured a full agenda of insights into the future of finance and Artificial Intelligence automation

Rimilia held its inaugural customer conference, Rimilia Insight 2019, in St. George’s Park this week. The conference gave attendees opportunities to network with other finance leaders and showcased revolutionary new ways to use AI-powered solutions to enable greater success. Rimilia also unveiled its Financial Relationship Management (FRM) vision, a transformative approach that helps enterprises manage customer relationships, from sales and customer success to credit and collections.

With FRM, enterprise organisations can get a real-time view of their receivables portfolio, allowing for smarter finance and credit decisions. By accurately predicting customer behaviour, organisations are able to lower risk exposure, improve customer relations, control costs, and increase cash flow. Previously, finance teams could not access the precise, real-time customer data necessary for the accurate assessment of customer behaviours that enable better credit and finance decisions. FRM now makes this possible.

“When accounts receivable processes become effortless and data is aggregated, companies can glean the visibility needed to improve customer relationships, reduce debtor provisions, and increase their revenue per customer,” explained CEO, Kevin Kimber. “It is a game-changer for finance leaders and their businesses, making them smarter, quicker, more adaptive, and better equipped to elbow their way past their competition.”


Leaders from Rimilia, including Kevin Kimber and Dr. Ali Yazdi (AI & Data Scientist), addressed the challenges facing finance leaders today and shed light on the power of AI to enable greater business success; while Brian Morgan (Business Growth and Partner Director) and Tamsyn Attiwell (CCO) unveiled Rimilia’s product roadmap and shared success stories from customers such as Hitachi, Brakes, and Brambles.

There were also acclaimed guest speakers, which included Professor Damian Hughes (international speaker and bestselling author), Karen Carney, MBE (former professional football player for Chelsea and the England national team), and Siobhan Riggot (Director, Global Business Services at The Hackett Group).

Here are some additional highlights from some of the speaker presentations:

  • Kevin Kimber, CEO – “69% of CFOs see the role of finance leader changing. Compounded with global economic pressures, CFOs and their teams must be more efficient and find effective ways to create growth whilst managing risk.”
  • Dr. Ali Yazdi, AI & Data Scientist – “As business processes, customer behaviour, and requirements become more complex, AI will give us increased visibility. For example, with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), a company can predict 60-65% of debtors with 70% accuracy or more.”
  • Siobhan Riggott, Customer-to-Cash and Global Business Services Advisor, Finance Advisory, The Hackett Group – “In uncertain times, companies will look to decrease costs and risks. Looking at automation from a customer-to-cash perspective, the greatest opportunity is judgment-based activities such as credit and collections.”

At Rimilia Insight 2019, attendees unearthed the real value of AI technology for their business, unlocked new strategies from savvy finance leaders, and got a first look at Rimilia’s transformative Finance Relationship Management (FRM) approach.

Our free FRM White Paper is a must-read for finance leaders looking to secure their success and get a competitive edge in the face of economic uncertainty.

Due to overwhelming demand, this year’s event registration filled quickly. Be sure to sign up for updates about the 2020 event on this event wrap-up page.