Rimilia sales team expands to meet company growth

June 05, 2018
By Ginel Wall

New sales recruitment to support ambitious expansion in EMEA and US

To support our ambitious expansion plans, Rimilia have recruited additional staff to enhance our EMEA and US sales teams. Bringing years of experience and fresh passion, they will be working with companies like Santander, PwC and TalkTalk, helping enterprises to revolutionise their accounts receivable processes and guarantee their cash flow.

We’re proud to introduce Jim Adams as Account Director and Danny Wheeler as Business Architect.

Jim Adams, Account Director

Before Coming to Rimilia Jim worked at Experian, for 3 years. Jim’s responsibility was to drive growth in the Business information Services and Analytics for large Banks and Financial Services accounts in the UK and Ireland. Jim wanted to experience a new and exciting environment, as well as work for a company that provides a trustworthy and proven financial solutions for their customers.

Jim exclaimed: “I love the idea of Rimilia’s Integrated Receivables solution, and I also feel comfortable in the environment Rimilia works in. I want to bring my own experience into the business to find new customers and interact with them to continuously promote their spectacular solution. I trust Rimilia, as what they sell actually works and has a positive affect on the hundreds of customers they currently have!”

Jim’s position will be to take responsibility for the delivery of quality and creative work that meets the client’s needs and addresses their business problems, he will also harness his ability to lead and inspire others inside and outside the business to ensure Rimilia continues to grow.

Danny Wheeler, Business Architect

Before joining Rimilia Danny worked at Apple for 2 years. Danny’s background is in delivering substantial improvements to customer service processes and developing enhanced customer service platforms for Apple’s partner network. Danny joined Rimilia after hearing about the real benefits their integrated receivables solution can bring to enterprises and their rapid expansion.

Danny Described: “It is such a comfortable and flexible place to work and they are incredibly supportive! Everyone is always so friendly and cheerful in the office and every problem is resolved with a lot of collaboration and understanding. I am elated to start incorporating my own technical experience to show customers what Rimilia has to offer!”

Danny’s position will be to take responsibility for the development of Rimilia’s business strategy based on a situational awareness of various business scenarios and motivations. In addition, he hopes to further improve the alignment between strategic goals and key decisions regarding products and services, partners and suppliers, and IT initiatives.