August 15, 2019 by Kevin Kimber, CEO At Rimilia, we continue to experience growth, customer success and global expansion at a rapid pace. But it’s only the beginning and there’s a lot more in store. In the past 12 months, we’ve:

  • Signed on dozens of new customers 
  • Achieved significant revenue and new customer growth
  • Opened new offices internationally, including our newest in Toronto (more about that in a moment)
  • Celebrated success stories like this one that tell about getting positive results from day 1
  • Continued to push the boundaries of AI-powered solutions in the finance world

It has been exciting to be a part of driving international growth for Rimilia. When I first learned about Rimilia, I saw its potential immediately. The company’s Financial Relationship Management (FRM) solution was created by finance people for finance people, and it can enable ROI virtually instantly. It’s not often a company can boast about immediate results.

Using industry-leading artificial intelligence, our FRM solution links the initial customer purchase to invoicing, payment, and beyond. It ties the front office to the back office, so you gain insights like customer creditworthiness, historical payment profiles, and recommended payment terms. Once an order is placed, cash allocation, collections, dispute resolutions, and discounts or deductions are automated. 

When your systems become seamless and your accounts receivable processes become effortless, you heighten your customer intelligence, improve your customer relationships, and reduce the days sales outstanding (DSO), increasing your revenue per customer. 

No wonder companies like Expedia, HSBC, and PwC have joined us. We’re moving fast and going places.

Speaking of Going Places…Toronto Here We Come As part of our rapid global growth, I’m delighted to announce that last week we opened our latest new regional technical hub in Toronto, Canada, our second new office within the past six months. Our Toronto office will be focusing on Tech Services, Customer Support, and AI Development for our customers.

Toronto promises to be a great city for Rimilia. It’s a recognised centre of the global AI community with one of the biggest AI-focused workforces in the world. We’re very much looking forward to tapping into and contributing to the AI industry in Toronto. 

Proximity to this dynamic AI scene and its high-tech talent all fits in with our strategic growth plan, which hinges on delivering top AI capabilities to our customers.

You can read more about our Toronto expansion here.