Achieving standardization and an automatch rate of 74% across all 27 shared service center countries

Our customer is one of the world’s leading logistics company for courier, parcel, and express mail services. Operating in over 220 countries and territories, employing over 380,000 people, delivering over 1.5B parcels per year and operating through a shared service centre. Prior to implementing Rimilia, they had limited levels of automation, and they typically had around 20-30% of their payment volume applied down to invoice level. This resulted in large amounts of resources being deployed on manual tasks which were time consuming and often prone to human error.

Our customer immediately saw the value of Rimilia Cash and moved quickly ahead, fast tracking the project internally for a rapid implementation, the level of automation increased from 20-30% to 74%. The organization was able to roll out a blueprint across the finance teams, ensuring standardization and rapid implementation, seeing the ROI on their investment in just 12 months. All 27 countries within the shared service center, and some operating outside of it saw the results being delivered.

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