80 bank accounts. 50 countries. Managed in-house with AI-powered automation from Rimilia Cash.

Brambles is one of the first, largest and most sustainable supply-chain logistics companies in the world, operating through shared services centers. Prior to implementing Rimilia Cash, Brambles outsourced its cash application process, which was costly and difficult to manage. Each geography had unique processes and requirements, which were complicated, time-consuming and error-prone.

Brambles systematically implemented Rimilia Cash region by region, applying lessons learned as they went. This enabled them to standardize the process, while adhering to local requirements. Overall, the company-wide auto-match rates rose from less than 38% to over 80%, and as high as 92% in some countries. As a result, they were able to gain global visibility on their cash flow and the speed at which cash is applied has positively impacted the business.

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