The Rimilia client is flying high to become the single point of reference when applying customer payments

Wesco Aircraft is the world’s leading independent distributor and provider of comprehensive supply chain management services to the global aero-space industry. With a global workforce operating across 50 locations in 17 countries. Supplying industries from pharmaceutical, to commercial aerospace to defence, with over 50,000 products and 6,000 suppliers. However, they were challenged with time-consuming processes to apply cash and support their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. They were previously updating the sales ledger and applying cash manually, plus they had multiple points of reference when applying multiple payments.

Since implementing Rimilia Cash, Wesco’s cash application process has been dramatically improved. Now, Rimilia Cash has become the single point of reference when applying customer payments. Plus, eliminating a lot of the employees’ manual and time-consuming tasks, meaning they can now post and apply payments directly on the sales ledger.

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