Rimilia acquired by BlackLine, the leading financial close and accounting automation platform

We enable organizations to make a difference quickly. Our proven remote implementation methodology kick starts intelligent automation within your finance function.
Rapid Time to Value

Realize the return on your investment in just 12 weeks by freeing up resources and exposing real time visibility of ​debtor positions.

  • 80% ROI in 12 weeks
  • Up to 85% reduction in overall manual activity
  • Go live in 4 weeks
  • 95% cash applied by 9am daily
  • Remote delivery as standard
  • 200 pre-built auto-match rules


Rimilia Cash transforms the order-to-cash cycle by significantly reducing the time it takes to apply cash to open invoices, resulting in up to a 99% reduction in unapplied cash.

Automated Cash Application

Rimilia Cash was built by Finance Professionals to deliver a solution that matches customer payments against specific invoices, in minutes rather than hours or days.


This transforms the cash application process, delivering benefits to the wider credit team as they have an up to date sales ledger with clear visibility of payments received and debts outstanding. Because the amount of effort is reduced significantly in applying cash with no re-work, more time and focus is directed at the management of Risk and Collecting cash, thus accelerating results.


We're proud of our customers success and our teams achievements for managing them remotely.

"As the world reacts to COVID it has had no impact on our team, we are business as usual. In fact, we have just delivered some of our best results as a credit control team"

- Head of Credit and Risk, Cummins South Pacific

What can be achieved?

Customers can reach an average 80% auto-match rate within the first 12 weeks realizing the value of their investment in a short space of time. Achieve 80% automation as cash is applied by 9am each morning, providing real-time insights into your true debtor position, remotely and effectively. With our proven remote implementation methodology, we help our customers deliver instant impact in the shortest time possible meaning staff can focus on the remaining unapplied cash requiring further investigation.


Rimilia Cash - Rapid Time To Value, delivers the biggest impact to your cash application process in the shortest time.

3 Centers of Excellence use Rimilia...

Rimilia are proud to be partners with Aggregate Industries, Adecco and Veolia Environmental who have been recognized by the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) as Centers of Excellence with the use of Rimilia Cash solution.


Increasing efficiencies, continually improving key performance indicators, and consistently delivering excellent customer experiences is at the center of what these organizations do every day. Rimilia cash has played a vital part in their journey to excellence. Many more organizations have gone on to achieve the CICM quality accreditation, “CICMQ” who also use the Rimilia the Cash solution.


If your organization is aiming to become a center of excellence, either internally or externally, in the Order-to-Cash and or Accounts Receivable process, then Rimilia Cash is a foundation you can build on for your success.


"Rimilia Cash has allowed the Credit Controllers to focus on collecting cash and managing risk. It is no coincidence that in this period we have achieved outstanding cash collections and our bad debts are lower than the industry standard."

-Credit Manager for Veolia

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