Rimilia acquired by BlackLine, the leading financial close and accounting automation platform

At Rimilia, we believe it’s time. Time to make sense of dollars and cents. Time for your numbers to drive big picture results. Time for one-of-a-kind AI finance software to move your business forward.


Investor relations

Our innovative enterprise technology firm is in a fast-growing niche with strong projected growth and a stable senior leadership team.

Meet our leadership team


Kevin Kimber

Chief Executive Officer


Andy Lilley

Chief Product Officer


Steve Dunn-Massey

Chief Financial Officer


Tamsyn Attiwell

Chief Customer Officer


Steven Robertson

Chief Technology Officer

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Our employees are passionate about thinking big, moving fast and delivering results. Our 100% customer retention rate tells us we’re on the right track. Our thirst for bold innovation keeps us moving forward. We love immersing ourselves in the latest advances in AI and machine learning. READ MORE>>


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