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14-16th October 2019 in RDS, Dublin

Rimilia is excited to attend and speak at SaaStock – one of the premier SaaS events for fast growth companies. Come hear Rimilia’s CEO, Kevin Kimber, keynote on Monday, October 14th at 11:40am as he discusses managing the executive committee.

14-16th October 2019 in Hamburg, Germany

Brian Morgan, Rimilia’s Business Growth and Partner Director, is participating in a panel discussion at this event.

14-17th October 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic

We’re excited to be a sponsor of Shared Services & Outsourcing Week!

19th November 2019 in Burton upon Trent, UK

We’re excited to bring you Rimilia Insight 2019, our inaugural event that brings together customers and other finance leaders who understand the power of technology and want to learn and network.

We look forward to hosting this event that will showcase finance experts who can help you revolutionize your finance department, better manage your customer relationships, and grow your business.


Watch this webinar presented by industry experts Tim Ray, Chief Revenue Officer at Rimilia, and Mark Brousseau, President of Brousseau & Associates, and learn how you can transform the way you approach your collection processes. Traditional collection methods are focused around aging, risk and value. The key missing ingredient is always customer payment behavior. But by using artificial intelligence (AI) to continually learn and predict customer payments in order to forecast your collections more accurately, you can ensure that your AR team’s time is used more efficiently and that the cash collected is optimized.

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