Rimilia acquired by BlackLine, the leading financial close and accounting automation platform

Unapplied cash accounts for up to $1 trillion on worldwide corporate balance sheets.

Yet only 3% of the global target market has achieved any form of automation.

Companies have invested in technology to automate and deliver intelligence around Customer Relationship Management (CRM), but many have not focused on the opportunity from financial behavior post-sale.

Meanwhile, account receivables is one of the largest assets for any business, but most corporations continue to process transactions manually.

Rimilia is uniquely placed to address both of these gaps.

Our Financial Relationship Management (FRM) approach is a game changer. Our solutions provide real-time processing and cost savings of over 70%, and drive increased revenue per customer.

Why invest in Financial Relationship Management?


Reduces the days sales outstanding (DSO), provides real-time cash application and increases revenue per customer.


Provides intelligence throughout the customer lifecycle and improves customer relationships.


Improves dispute resolutions, discounts and deductions.

Trusted by brands across the globe.

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