Here at Rimilia, we are dynamic, we think big, move fast and make our actions count- spreading far beyond the business world. We are passionate about uniting the youth and adults in our community to always strive for greatness.

Recently, one of our sponsorship recipients, Amy Green, actually reached greatness and broke a record when she was recognised as the youngest girl this year to become part of the England National Talent Squad (ENTS) for sprint canoeing! This impressive accomplishment comes after Amy competed in a number of national and international regattas—often against competitors as much as one year older than she.

Amy’s recent accomplishment means she is now considered to have Olympic “podium potential” and will receive extra training with funding from the National Lottery as she transitions into the Olympic World Class Programmes. Selection events this spring will determine who makes it to the Worlds in Germany, the Europeans in Russia, as well as the Olympic Hope Competition in Hungary. While her competition will be tough, including many girls older than Amy and drawing from Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, Amy remains determined to give it her all and make it to a final!

Rimilia’s CFO, Steve Dunn-Massey, said, “We are so incredibly proud of Amy with all the hard work and sheer determination she puts into her sport. This is a remarkable achievement and we wish her success in all her upcoming events. We’re excited to support Amy on this amazing journey.”