Rimilia acquired by BlackLine, the leading financial close and accounting automation platform


Manage financial risks and rewards by understanding customer financial behaviors.

Lowers risk of non-payment and write-offs.
Improves ROI by optimizing credit terms.
Improves decision making with real-time customer financial insight.
Forecasts based on statistical models and what-if scenarios
Analyzes customer patterns across systems
Considers costs of collections, late payments, and disputes
Provides users with simple, effective dashboards

How it works

Rimilia Insight tracks Customer Attractiveness Scores over time to create risk profiles based on current behaviors and trends.


Problems We Solve

Rimilia Insight enables improved risk management and revenue opportunities by creating clear visbility on a customers financial behaviours. Lower your risk of write offs, improve ROI, optimise credit terms and make more accurate financial decisions based on real time insights - not guesswork.

Improve Global Accounting Controls

It’s time to reduce disparate accounting systems and integrate A/R around automation, so you can gain speed and confidence in your financial reporting process.

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Improve Financial Shared Services

Financial Shared Services should improve efficiency for all business units, but automation is key to achieving that goal. Rimilia combines automation and artificial intelligence to implement continuous improvement within your shared services group.

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Automate Financial Shared Services

Gain real efficiency and generate better data from your enterprise’s shared-services model through automation and machine learning that integrates with your existing ERP.

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A/R Automation

It’s time for an accounts receivable management solution that removes manual processes and leverages accounting software automation to create best practices and improve business processes and receivable management – all within your existing ERP. Welcome to Rimila’s intelligent AR automation.

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Rimilia Insight is managed in a secure Microsoft Azure hosting environment.

Tier 4 Data Center Protection
Robust Disaster Recovery
End-to-End Data Encryption
ISO27001 & SOC Type 2 Accreditation