5 signs it’s time to automate your cash application process

Currently, there are trillions of dollars sitting on global balance sheets held hostage waiting to be applied, but reliant on manual processes and finance professionals to play snap with invoices and remittances. This slow process, also prone to human errors, delays the cash application, and negatively impacts cash flow. Ultimately, causing unnecessary setbacks in the […]

How to fast-track intelligent automation into your finance function, and why executives say it’s a no brainer

Automation is a journey, not a destination If you were going on a journey to a new destination that you had not been on before, the chances are you would use some kind of satellite navigation in your car to get you there? That’s a no brainer surely? Utilizing tools to make life easier and […]

Why automating Accounts Receivable is a #nobrainer and time is new currency

Time to Automate Accounts Receivable The purpose of credit is to generate sales, which are then provided on the trust that payment will be received at an agreed time. Once the payment is made, the sale is closed and can be released as profit – which in real terms is cash. Organizations have varied and […]

Focusing ahead with a greenlight for growth in the order-to-cash space

May 21, 2020 Being one of the major players in the order-to-cash automation space we were really pleased to see some great press coverage when we launched the announcement of our additions to the leadership team.  Rob Luddy joins us as Chairman of the board, along with Steven Robertson as Chief Technology Officer and Andy […]

Supercharge your cash flow with these 4 actions

As many businesses are adapting to new ways of working during the pandemic, maintaining a healthy cash flow is mission-critical. Having a reliable source of working capital to secure steady revenue and accelerate growth post-Covid-19 is one of the primary focuses for finance executives. With cash locked in your biggest asset: your debtors, retooling your […]

Release cash, forecast accurately

May 4, 2020 As companies and individuals settle into the ‘new normal’ of remote working and video conferencing, we are already thinking ahead to how this will affect businesses in the coming weeks and into the future. What will everyday life look like when the crisis has passed? How will business processes evolve? Will business […]

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