Rimilia acquired by BlackLine, the leading financial close and accounting automation platform

Getting rid of the roadblocks that reduce working capital

Everywhere you look these days, business is beset by risk. From worries about borrowing to economic uncertainty and customers who change their purchasing behavior almost overnight, it all adds up to a general loss of predictability. You can blame COVID, but don’t forget: disruption was a fact of business life even before pandemic struck. Geopolitical […]

For shared services, demonstrating stakeholder value is the new goal

I spoke with an SSC customer recently who had taken on additional work under new leadership. Reducing costs wasn’t the focus anymore; they told me. Instead, they were looking at how to become more effective. It’s a story we hear more and more often. Shared Services Centres (SSCs) have come a long way from the […]

Ending the digital disconnect between home and office

Would you give up on digital and go back to doing things by hand? Smartphones, video calling, the Cloud, and social media haven’t been around that long, but they’re so tightly woven into our lives that it’s hard to remember the days when ‘tech’ meant the latest Nokia handset and a great big desktop PC. That […]

As adversity gives way to opportunity, Shared Services need to get fighting fit

Some crises make you stronger. Others reveal your weaknesses. For Shared Service Centers (SSCs), the ongoing aftermath of COVID-19 has been a mix of both. When coronavirus struck, most organizations found themselves adapting business continuity plans on the fly. Even as the ground shifted under their feet they moved to remote working, rushed to implement […]

Automation is to time what Interest is to money…

I came across this phrase listening to a Ted Talk recently and it really got me thinking about how we treat time. Are we really being smart or just using new technology to do what we have always done but in a digital format? The only constant is time. Time has not changed. It carries […]

Improve performance while retaining great talent

For SSCs, intelligent automation is a no brainer. The pressure on Shared Service Centres (SSCs) is intense. Competition is relentless and clients keep pushing for better results – often at the same level of investment. As a head of Shared Services you’re caught in a squeeze: how to stay ruthlessly efficient and hit your metrics, […]

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