Rimilia acquired by BlackLine, the leading financial close and accounting automation platform

A leading global bank uses Rimilia to automate their accounts receivable and streamline their process

Rimilia Cash works alongside internal systems to automate 64,000 payments across 27 currencies, to reduce manual effort and increase performance.

Ultimate Finance apply 75% of cash without manual intervention with the help of Rimilia

Benefiting from reduced manual effort, increased speed of cash application and greater visibility across the Accounts Receivable team.

One of the world’s leading logistics companies went live with Rimilia Cash in the matter of weeks

Achieving standardization and an automatch rate of 74% across all 27 shared service center countries

Rimilia helps Brambles manage its cash with a streamlined application process

80 bank accounts. 50 countries. Managed in-house with AI-powered automation from Rimilia Cash.

Veolia deploys Rimilia Cash to achieve a Full-Payment Processing Rate (FPPR) of 97%

In just 4 months they achieved a return on investment post implementation

Wesco automates their cash application to achieve a 91% auto-match rate

The Rimilia client is flying high to become the single point of reference when applying customer payments
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