Cash flow : Controlled

Intelligent finance solutions

Rimilia delivers the power to predict customer payment behaviour, auto-match and reconcile payments to drive a better cash position. With Rimilia, you can do this in any country (in any currency), any sector or market and with any ERP system.

Our intelligent finance platform is broken down into three components, that are designed to modernise and automate enterprise businesses and organisations; Credit management and collection; multi-currency cash allocation and reconciliation; and dynamic analytics and forecasting.

Credit management and credit collection

Your collections team need all the help they can get. With Rimilia, you can focus resources on the important tasks and leave behind traditional methods of collecting data from sheets and sales ledgers. Our intelligent finance platform will change the way you work from day one.

If a customer sends a remittance, Rimilia’s credit management software will see this and mark every invoice that is about to be paid; so you don’t have to chase these invoices.

Also by seeing the cash as it hits the bank, you get a real-time view and don’t have to wait to have the cash applied, providing more detailed information about your client and how they pay you.


Cash collection

With Rimilia, you can automate repetitive processes, reduce manual effort and significantly improve your matching rates and clear down times. This is a fully inclusive (any payment type, Remittances) solution and has unrivalled match rates and clear down times, all in a controlled and secure environment.




Bank reconciliation

Our software uses an intelligent, self-learning engine to automate repetitive processes, greatly reducing the time to reconcile, increasing efficiency and reducing human error, as well as providing a full audit trail.


Dynamic analytics and artificial intelligence

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business and accurately forecasting the cash that will flow into a business on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is crucial to ensure there are sufficient funds available to meet the organisations financial commitments. Rimilia’s intelligent finance platform allows organisations to see ahead by predicting customer behaviour.

This ability to forecast and predict payments and collections behaviour is the cornerstone of our system; delivering credit managers and their teams real-time visibility of their cash position.