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Accounts receivable is key to any business. The continued growth of organisations and the increasing amount of complex sales ledger data can start to make cash allocation processes more manual and sometimes difficult to manage. Sales ledgers have limited functionality and spreadsheets are often used to manage collection activities. Traditional bolt on solutions can be used but tend to be expensive and are often; priced on user seats, workflow driven, old technology and difficult to justify a business case for. Alloc8 accounts receivable software solves all of these problems.

Rimilia is at the forefront of innovative technology in the accounts receivable software, cash allocation, cash application and bank reconciliation processes providing fast returns on investment, using easy to set up solutions that are future proofed to the ever changing needs of your business.

Our standard intuitive interfaces enable accounts receivable teams to take control of their cash allocation by reducing process errors, inaccuracies and the need for manual intervention especially at the important financial close at month end giving you peace of mind.

To complement Alloc8 accounts receivable software, our Alloc8 suite of products fully integrate with one another or work as stand-alone software solutions.

Driven by a unique intelligent engine, Alloc8 accounts receivable software has the ability to predict and forecast customer trends and behaviours which enable accounts receivable teams to focus on chasing the right customer, at the right time, every time and providing a deeper insight into customer behaviours.

The race for month end becomes much more controlled and month end reconciliation is a much calmer and controlled process.


Rimilia automation solutions provide a fast return on investment through a simple commercial model that will support quick business case sign off to allow for greater efficiency planning in accounts receivable.

Alloc8 Collect features include

  • Standard, simple interfaces compatible with any sales ledger
  • Intelligent forecasting engine that can predict when customers will pay, and take fast effective action against those that you cannot predict
  • Integrated dashboard and reporting for users, team leaders and management
  • Integrated dunning cycles
  • Real time cash allocation view
  • View of future cash about to hit the business via a unique remittance view

With a simple commercial model

  • Software as a service, easy to get up and running and minimal impact on your IT time or resources
  • Global data centres
  • Unlimited user licenses
  • Support, maintenance and upgrades included as standard