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Rimilia’s ground breaking Accounts Receivable solutions are changing the way organisations purchase software.


Alloc8 has a number of modules that can be purchased individually or collectively, or one at a time, either way you choose.

Solutions offered cover:

  • Cash allocation / cash application
  • Credit control and collections
  • Cash forecasting
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Intelligence

All our cash automation solutions come out of the box with cloud-based delivery, which means they can be up and running very quickly allowing you to begin enjoying the benefits within 6 weeks. A simple and transparent pricing model means you will be able to enjoy a fast return on your investment and all our solutions are future proofed giving you peace of mind that any future upgrades are included in our pricing model so there are no hidden surprises.

Being able to offer such transparency is why we are proud of our 100% customer retention rate. Our innovative cash automation solutions all come with in-built learning capabilities that ensure that they adapt and self-learn continuously resulting in improving your process and increasing efficiencies with unrivalled match rates and razor sharp predictive analytics. Using our unique award winning software customers can be confident that they have the best solution today and for the future.

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Alloc8 Cash
Cash Allocation / Cash Application

Achieve world class and beyond in 6 weeks. Our award winning cash solution has taken the market by storm, with over 150 pre-built match rules, and unrivalled match rates of 95% with a simple out of the box delivery model offered to any company, in any country, using any ERP and any bank files. Encompassing a built-in intelligent remittance and fast cheque capture, Alloc8 Cash is now recognised as the world’s leading solution in cash allocation. Our risk free promise means you are in safe hands knowing that you will be guaranteed world class and beyond in 6 weeks. Backed up by real references from customers across the world, Alloc8 Cash is an easy choice for you to reach world class cash automation and beyond.


Alloc8 Collect
Credit Collections and Credit Management

Complementing the Rimilia product suite or as a standalone solution, Alloc8 collect will change the way you look at credit collections. Its simple, no fuss set up means you can be up and running very quickly and benefiting from the intelligent predictive analytics that Alloc8 Collect provides. The solution works alongside your sales ledger to provide a real in-depth and simple insight into your customer behaviour. Predicting the payment patterns of all your customers, highlighting when a customer will pay and alerting you when an action is required or when a customer payment trend changes. This allows you to call the right customers at the right time, on every occasion.


Alloc8 Forecast
Cash Forecasting

If you would like to press a button to get a fast and accurate cash forecast, without the use of spreadsheets, then Alloc8 Forecast is for you. With its smart and intelligent engine using lots of different data, trends and smart rules, means that as a user, you are provided with a clear, concise and accurate view of predicting your cash into the business. Having a simple and intuitive customer interface with great looking dashboards, means you can rest easy at month and year end knowing you do not have to worry about putting together cash flow forecasts. Let Alloc8 Forecast take the strain and give you an accurate, real time view into your customer payment behaviour and trends, allowing you to better manage your business.


Alloc8 Reconcili8
Bank Reconciliation

Whilst the process of bank reconciliation may not be time consuming in all instances, it is generally managed via spreadsheets by a treasury team comprising of skilled team members that often spend time trying to match and reconcile from Cashbook, General Ledger, AR, AP, and bank statements. Reconcili8 automates the whole process and allows you to focus on more value added activities. Whether it’s one bank account, one source or even dozens, Reconcili8 will cope with everything you throw at it, providing unrivalled match rates and allowing you to deal with any exceptions quickly and efficiently and provide fast clearing and improved control and confidence in the reconciliation process. Being able to achieve match rates of 98% on average, with its simple to use interface means Reconcili8 is one of the world’s leading bank reconciliation solutions.


Alloc8 E-Commerce Reconciliation

With Alloc8 E-Commerce, Rimilia has added another unique and intelligent module to its financial suite of credit management solutions. Alloc8 E-Commerce allows you to take control, increase efficiency, drive cost savings and have greater insight into your financial data at the touch of a button providing the ability to future proof your online presence to offer additional benefits and improve customer service.

Overall benefits

  • Fast ROI
  • Out of the box in 6 weeks
  • Works alongside all ERP systems and uses standard interfaces
  • Intuitive and intelligent cloud based solution
  • Simple and clear subscription pricing model
  • Standalone solutions, or complete suite, or buy as you go
  • Intelligent, Self Learning Engine
  • Out of the box and easy to use applications
  • Future proofed – upgrades included in subscription
  • Risk free decision
  • World class results
  • Real customers, real references

“The whole project was a success from start to finish and the benefits of Alloc8 started from day one.”

Brian Morgan, UK Credit Manager, Veolia Environmental Services.