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Cash allocation should be a simple process, but it is often faced with poor bank payment reference data, or lack of remittance information, multiple payment types including BACS, faster payment, cheques, credit cards and even cash over the counter. This coupled with limited capability within the sales ledger means that cash can be a drawn out, complex and a manually intensive process especially at month end.

Alloc8 Cash breaks the mould of cash allocation software, offering a fully inclusive (any payment type, Remittances) solution delivered via our Tier 4 data centres in UK and USA. Offering an intelligent self-learning engine and unrivalled match rates and clear down times, all in a controlled and secure environment.


Beyond World Class as Standard

With its unique multi award winning solution, Rimilia guarantees a risk free and fast (normally within 6 months) ROI.

Our 6 week standard delivery model and simple ERP integration module works alongside any ERP, bank, industry, in any country. Its intelligent engine learns as it goes and can automatch upwards of 93% of all incoming payments. Using a library of pre-built match rules or suggested one click matches allow you to clear down all incoming payments to invoice level within the first hours of business (even at month end).


Risk free decision with industry leading benefits as standard


  • Saas cloud based solution
  • Unrivalled match rates
  • One click exception matching
  • Remittance & cheque capture included
  • Standard ERP & bank interfaces
  • Full audit control & archive


  • 70% saving on current costs
  • Reduce/eliminate unallocated cash
  • Improve DSO/Debtor days
  • Predictive analytics (proactive not reactive)
  • Future proofed
  • Risk free decision & transparent pricing

“Alloc8 is amazing! We have managed to achieve more in one day at our busiest time of year than we would have previously been able to complete in 3 or 4 days, and the best of it is, it’s true too!”

Alison Maconachie, Sales Ledger Manager, Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation.