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Cashflow is the lifeblood of every business and accurately forecasting the cash that will flow into a business on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is crucial to ensure there are sufficient funds available to meet the organisations financial commitments, and also to optimise the Treasury functions management of financing facilities and investments.


Cash forecasting is like driving a car by looking through the ‘Rear View Mirror’ and only taking actions retrospectively which is all too often, too late. Alloc8 Forecast cash flow management software transforms cash forecasting by enabling the car to be driven by looking through the Front Windscreen through analysis of previous customer payment behaviour to predict what is most likely to happen:

  • Analysis of customer payment behaviour
  • Take account of known variations to predictable behaviour – e.g. financial year end
  • Take account of user intelligence – e.g. promise to pay
  • Forecast calculated at a customer level with a probability rating
  • Identifies those customers most at risk of not paying to time

Alloc8 Forecast transforms Credit Management by enabling the AR team to focus on those customers who have a track record of not paying on time whilst monitoring those customers that generally do. This results in greater cash collections, reduced Debtor Days and complete understanding of the AR teams effort and actions taken including performance reporting down to Credit Controller level.


“My experience of the Rimilia help desk has been of a first rate service, with good open honest feedback”

David Lovett, Cash & Banking Manager, Biffa Waste Services Ltd.