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We all know that bank reconciliation is the foundation of all financial controls ensuring that what is being reported reconciles with what has actually happened. Finance teams are well versed in driving efficiency within organisations but the bank reconciliation process can still be a manual, laborious, and repetitive task using spreadsheets which can get overwritten, changed or lost and are, by their nature, uncontrolled and inefficient.


Alloc8 Reconcili8 bank reconciliation software uses an intelligent, self-learning engine to automate repetitive processes, greatly reducing the time to reconcile, increasing efficiency, reducing human error and providing a full audit trail.

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Alloc8 Reconcili8 is our intelligent software solution that matches all bank statement items against cash book items on the general ledger.

It's quick, hassle free and accurate.

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  • Self learning engine (achieving up to 98% match rate!)
  • Full digital audit trail and sign off process
  • Multiple bank accounts to one ledger
  • Bespoke matching rules & filtering
  • Advanced real-time reporting, filtering, and data aggregation

"Not only has Alloc8 Reconcili8 allowed less manual activity it has dramatically cut down on many hours of reconciling."

Laura Tyers,
Financial Accountant at Aggregate Industries