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We all know that bank reconciliation is the foundation of all financial controls ensuring that what is being reported reconciles with what has actually happened. Finance teams are well versed in driving efficiency within organisations but the bank reconciliation process can still be a manual, laborious, repetitive task using spreadsheets which can get overwritten, changed or lost and are by their nature uncontrolled and inefficient.


Reconcili8 bank reconciliation software, with its intelligent matching engine that learns as it goes, will change the way you think about bank reconciliation. No longer a full time task, it will only take minutes to complete a reconciliation with the additional benefits of:

  • Full analysis and audit trail of what has been matched and reconciled
  • Exception based ‘1 click’ matching of unreconciled items
  • Multiple bank accounts to one ledger
  • Adjustments captured in Reconcili8 and posted to your ERP system
  • Real time monitoring and reporting of all bank reconciliations at a glance

Organisations using Reconcili8 are achieving up to 95% automated reconciliation on a daily basis by simply uploading the daily bank transactions enabling your staff to focus on more value adding and insightful activities.