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E-commerce is rapidly expanding and the ability to remain in control and efficient is a challenge especially around the financial reconciliation process. Alloc8 E-Commerce Reconciliation software meets these challenges.

Once the order has been placed and purchased on your customer facing process, then comes the difficult job of trying to reconcile the cash…

…that’s where Alloc8 E-Commerce comes in!

The ability to match payments from multi-channels including credit card, merchant accounts, direct online sales, 3rd party channels etc. can be complex. Adding multi-currency, returned goods, or deductions can often make what appears a simple financial reconciliation a difficult one and can slow down growth and restrict cross channel opportunities and promotions.

With Alloc8 E-Commerce reconciliation software, Rimilia has added another unique and intelligent module to its financial suite of credit management solutions.

Alloc8 E-Commerce reconciliation software allows you to take control, increase efficiency, drive cost savings and have greater insight into your financial data at the touch of a button providing the ability to future proof your online presence to offer additional benefits and improve customer service.


Alloc8 E-Commerce works in any country, using any payment type and currency, providing unrivalled reconciliation rates for cash.

Many organisations achieve a reconciliation (no human intervention involved) rate of 98%, this allows them to quickly identify exceptions and manage these immediately without the manual effort to match “simple” transactions.

Our secure cloud based delivery means organisations can be using the solution very quickly and enjoying the benefits anywhere in the world.

Our transparent pricing model offers fast ROI and ability to onboard any country very quickly. Alloc8 E-Commerce reconciliation software will transform the online financial reconciliation process making it more efficient to provide you with a secure, future proofed solution to grow your business without any additional cost in this area.