Rimilia acquired by BlackLine, the leading financial close and accounting automation platform

The Problem

Transport and logistics businesses are naturally as global entities, with operations in multiple counties, languages, time zones, and currencies all needing to connect.

While technology investments have kept their operations moving at digital speed, their back-office processes have been held back by out-of-date technology, lack of centralisation, and too many resources deployed on manual tasks – often with different geographies working in isolation.

The Pain

Letting old technologies dominate daily workflow makes applying remits time-consuming and labour intensive. Credit controllers operate without confidence that their past-due reports are accurate and current. Gathering data for analytics and reporting is time-consuming and delayed.

The Solution

Rimilia automates the accounts receivable function with intelligent cash application, optimising collections and uncovering insights that improve decision making.

By centralising data collection and automating manual tasks, transport and logistics, AR teams can focus on core functions like collections that add value to the business. Automated analysis of customer payment behaviour can increase working capital, improve aged debt, and reduce provisions for bad debt.

Intelligent AR Automation

UK-based Brambles is one of the biggest logistics companies in the world. With operations spanning 50 countries and more than 80 bank accounts, the company’s accounts receivable processes were highly complex, decentralised, and manual.

Different geographies had different procedures which tended to be time-consuming and error-prone. Some locations served a large number of small businesses, while others were geared to the needs of large organisations. Data from different systems needed to be reconciled at the group level using a separate process.

Since implementing Rimilia Cash, Brambles’ company-wide auto-match rates for cash allocation rose from 38% to over 80% globally. They’ve also seen:

  • A 30% reduction in bad debt provision
  • An 80 % reduction in manual task activity
  • Customer retention of 114%
  • Better prediction of late payment

Brambles case study

Read the full case study.

Intelligent AR Automation

By applying artificial intelligence to the accounts receivable function, Rimilia matches payments to invoices faster, with greater accuracy, and at a volume of output human intervention alone can’t deliver. Whether working in-house or in shared services centres, the hours logged by AR teams keying in data, searching, checking, and double-checking, simply disappear. Customers see cash allocation happening faster. Errors are reduced, and more time is made available for credit control.