Rimilia acquired by BlackLine, the leading financial close and accounting automation platform

The Challenge

Many enterprises struggle with outdated accounts receivable processes based on manual invoicing and collections, resulting in high days sales outstanding (DSO). When dealing with high transaction volume, manual processes often fail, resulting in lost revenue and profit.

The Symptoms:

  • Slow cash flow and payment applications
  • Reduced working capital
  • Suppressed credit extension to customers whose balances do not reflect real time payments
  • High days sales outstanding (DSO) and unapplied cash payments
  • Increased payment disputes with clients
  • Inability to focus collections process & inefficient collections management
  • Customer communications challenges and poor customer experience
  • Slow receivable management system

The Solution: Automate Receivables Management

Rimilia’s SaaS platform overlays manual AR processes with automation and machine learning leveraging your existing data and ERP. Our AR solution streamlines your payment application & cash process through global AR automation while leaving enterprise accounting systems intact.

It’s time to adopt accounts receivable best practices through AR automation software that leverages machine learning. 

Imagine this: you’ve collected 100,000 payments that need processing. Without touching anything, 90,000 of these are accounted for and applied accurately (across global business units) before your AR teams’ mid-morning coffee break! Though this is an extreme example, with Rimilia, it’s easily achievable.

Your team can leverage the time they save from automated accounts receivable to improve collection effortsextend additional customer credit, and focus on growth.

ERP System Integration & Automation Solution

Rimilia’s artificial intelligence & machine learning platform integrates with all major ERP systems, allowing you to implement AR software  automation without changes to your underlying business management software.

Common ERP systems that Rimilia works with through a simple onboarding process include:

  • Netsuite
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Dynamics 365

After a streamlined integration and onboarding process, most clients experience strong ROI from their investment within a matter of months.

Cash Application & Payment Processing

Rimilia’s accounts receivable software allows your payment processing and collections management to work together in real time to streamline cash application. Our customers are typically handling high volumes of  payments through these payment methods:

  • ACH
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Cash Payment

These payments methods may often times be self-service, via a customer portal; however, many times they arrive via lockbox systems and paper checks. Rimilia allows you to get “paid faster” by automating how these payments are applied to the correct account in your receivables management system.

Reduce human error.
Reduce data entry.
Speed up cash application.
Improve payment application accuracy.
Reduce bad debt balances.
Speed up dispute resolution.

Case Study: Ultimate Finance's AR Automation

Ultimate Finance automates accounts receivable with Rimilia, achieving a 75% application rate without manual intervention. Learn how Rimilia’s software solution makes this possible.