The Problem

Many enterprises struggle with outdated accounts receivable processes based on manual invoicing and collections. When dealing with high transaction volume, manual processes often fail, resulting in lost revenue and profit.

The Pains:

  • Slow cash flow and payment applications
  • Reduced working capital
  • Suppressed credit extension to customers whose balances do not reflect real time payments
  • High days sales outstanding and unapplied cash payments
  • Increased payment disputes with clients
  • Inability to focus collection efforts
  • Manual errors in payment application

The Solution: Automate Receivables Management

Rimilia’s platform overlays old manual A/R processes with automation and does so leveraging your existing data and ERP. We integrate and automate your payment application through global, automated receivables while leaving enterprise accounting systems intact.

It’s time to adopt accounts receivable best practices through Financial Relationship Management (FRM).

Imagine this: you’ve collected 100,000 payments that need processing. Without touching anything, 90,000 of these are accounted for and applied accurately (across global business units) before your mid-morning coffee break! Though this is an extreme example, with Rimilia, it’s easily achievable.

Your team can leverage the time they save on A/R to improve collection efforts, extend additional customer credit, and focus on growth.

Remove manual processes.
Reduce costly manual errors.
Speed up cash application.
Improve payment application accuracy.
Reduce bad debt balances.
Speed up dispute resolution.