The Problem

An overwhelming number of B2B payments still utilize manual, paper processes. This leads to inefficient work, inaccurate cash forecasting, and unnecessary reductions to customer’s available credit lines.

The Pains:

  • Inaccurate cash-flow forecasting
  • High unapplied cash balance
  • Credit holds based on poor assessments
  • Delays & confusion within the payment lifecycle
  • Damaged company reputation

The Solution: Let Rimilia Automate Your B2B Payment Process

Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, Rimilia transforms your company’s outdated B2B payment processes.

Using your existing ERP, we provide you with a single integrated platform to automate accounts receivable, end-to-end.  From remittance processing and streamlined cash application to intelligent collection efforts, Rimilia’s AI-engine creates efficiencies that allow your team to focus on work that expands revenue.

How it works:

While ACH and wire transfer payments reduce manual effort, cash application still requires personal review. Furthermore, some B2B buyers simply will not give up their paper checks. Your organization needs an end-to-end solution for automating A/R – that’s where Rimilia comes in:

  1. First, Rimilia allows you to remove expensive lockbox keying fees, so you can experience fast and measurable ROI.
  2. Second, we remove nearly all manual processes from A/R. Digital and paper remittances are automatically added to a workflow for data extraction and accounts receivable matching.
  3. Third, as payments arrive they are matched to open remits automatically, and cash is applied to the correct account (at the line-item level) through a direct post to your ERP.

Leveraging Rimilia, your teams’ manual activity is minimized, allowing them to take a more strategic value-add approach to the financial relationship with customers.

Faster B2B payment processing.
Great true visibility into debtor positions in real-time.
Reduce unapplied cash balance in A/R.
Eliminate expensive lockbox fees.
Improve cash flow rate.
Increase customer credit intelligence.

Case Study: Wesco Automates B2B Payments

Learn how Wesco Aircraft streamlines B2B payment processing with a 91% cash application automation rate.