Rimilia acquired by BlackLine, the leading financial close and accounting automation platform

The Problem:

Outdated manual cash flow processes negatively impact the financial health of an enterprise, leading to high Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), slow collections, increased borrowing, and other significant setbacks.

The Pains:

  • Unpredictable future cash flow
  • Overuse of credit facilities
  • High days sales outstanding
  • High unapplied cash balance
  • Strained cashflow across all sectors
  • Inefficient collections strategies with mixed outcomes

The Solution: How Rimilia Improves Cash Flow

Think of your customer’s transactional journey from start to finish. Using both Rimilia Cash™ & Rimilia Collect™ you can streamline the entire payment process and strengthen your cash flow.

Rimilia accelerates cash flow by using AI to predict your customer’s payment behavior over time and then automatically matching customer payments to invoices, applying payments much faster than traditional manual A/R or outdated lockbox services.

Over time, the AI’s machine learning reduces the need for manual effort, providing you with smooth, strong cash flow.

With 95% of cash applied by 9 am daily, and a 99% reduction in unapplied cash, Rimilia’s cash flow management system software will ensure the strong financial health of your enterprise.

It’s time to maximize your customer financial relationships using the power of Rimilia’s machine learning.

Improve cash flow.
Reduced hours spent in cash collections.
Vibrant customer financial relationship management.
More effective fiscal forecasting.
Stronger fiscal growth.
Greater focus on value-added tasks.

Case Study: Veolia Improves Cash Flow

Veolia experiences improved cash flow after achieving full-payment processing rate of 97%.