Rimilia acquired by BlackLine, the leading financial close and accounting automation platform

The Problem:

Consolidating all back-office operations into a single shared services group means the challenges of invoicing, customer payment, reconciliation, cash application, cash forecasting, and more are also compounded. If your shared services are still using manual practices, your overall financial health may suffer.

The Pains:

  • Strained cashflow across multiple divisions
  • A high rate of overtime hours in finance shared services receivable
  • Rising operating costs and frequent financial shortfalls
  • Strained customer credit and customer relationships
  • Haphazard collections strategies and mixed outcomes

The Solution: How Rimilia Improves Your Shared Services

Imagine all the cash flow challenges that a single finance department has to deal with for one division or company. Now, multiply that by the number of business units in your organization and it becomes clear why financial shared services departments often struggle with implementing at scale.

Rimilia’s suite of AI-based programs can dramatically improve your finance shared services from start to finish, and implementation can be done with your existing ERP and existing data.

  • Rimilia Cash™ accelerates cash flow by using AI to automatically match customer payments to invoices, applying for payments much faster than traditional manual A/R.
  • Rimilia Collect™ provides unique insights into each customer’s payment behavior within each business unit and organize your collections strategy around them.
  • Rimilia Insight™ studies each business unit’s customer unique payment behaviors over time and forecasting future payments with accuracy. Insight also gives you predictable, reliable analytics that outdated manual accounting processes cannot.

Working simultaneously and holistically across all business units, Rimilia can transform your finance shared services with effective, intelligent end-to-end automation.

It’s time to improve your company’s finance shared services using the power of Rimilia’s automated machine learning.

Automate Accounts Receivables.
Integrate Collection Efforts with Better Data.
Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Shared Services Team.
Enable Shared Services to Improve BU Performance.
Improve Accuracy of Outstanding Balances.
Automate Shared Services Processes.

Case Study: Global Enterprise Improves Financial Shared Services

Global logistics company automates cash application across 27 financial shared service center countries.