Rimilia acquired by BlackLine, the leading financial close and accounting automation platform

The Problem:

Once a customer is invoiced, it can be difficult to predict when you will receive payment, making it hard to accelerate the cash collection process. Moreover, payments are often applied to invoice line items long after cash is received, leading to a high unapplied cash balance.

The Pains:

  • Slow, inefficient cash collection
  • High Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • High amount of unapplied cash
  • Excessive A/R hours & resources
  • Unpredictable cash flow
  • Strained customer credit and relationships
  • A/R efforts focus on collection rather than optimization

The Solution: Rimilia Reduces Invoice to Cash Time

Rimilia’s Financial Relationship Management platform automates your invoice to cash process with ease. Powered by artificial intelligence, our ERP addons review each customer’s account history and reliably predict when you will receive payment, creating more accurate forecasting and allowing your collections team to optimize cash flow.

Once cash is received, Rimilia automatically matches customer payments to invoices, applying cash much faster than traditional lockboxes and manual cash allocation. Over time, financial machine learning reduces the need for manual effort, providing you with smooth, predictable cashflow.

Rimilia works with your existing ERP to improve collection efficiency by 35%, allowing teams to focus on more value-add tasks.

Accelerate your invoice to cash process using the power of Rimilia’s machine learning for finance.

Streamlined cashflow from start to finish.
Reduced A/R hours.
Vibrant customer financial relationship management.
More accurate payment forecasting.
Stronger fiscal growth.
Fast credit approvals for customers in good standing.

Case Study: Ultimate Finance's Reduces Invoice to Cash Time

Ultimate Finance reduces the time between invoice and cash significantly through 75% cash application rate.