The Problem

Unnecessary credit holds, resulting from obsolete accounting processes, damage revenue and customer relationships.

The Pains:

  • Lack of A/R Automation
  • Credit Holds Impacting Customer Purchase Power
  • Lack of Customer Clarity Across Subsidiaries
  • Strained Customer Relationships
  • Confusion within Accounting Shared Services

The Solution: Let Rimilia Automate A/R to Reduce Credit Holds

Large enterprises with high transaction volume, multiple subsidiaries, and ongoing customer relationships are often plagued with a lack of A/R visibility and coherence. Using antiquated receivables processes, such as lockbox services and manual remittance reviews, often leads to unnecessary credit holds on customer accounts. A single delay in accurate cash application can cause your customer’s purchasing power to diminish, leading to lost or delayed revenue.

Rimilia Cash™ provides rapid, accurate invoice-to-cash processing through automation and machine learning. Rimilia Collect™ focuses your collection team’s efforts where they are needed most. When combined, the investment in Rimilia pays for itself in a matter of months, and provides a lifetime of measurable ROI.

The best part is that Rimilia integrates with your existing ERP, so you can get started quickly without large implementation costs!

Faster B2B payment processing.
Great true visibility into debtor positions in real-time.
Reduce unapplied cash balance in A/R.
Eliminate expensive lockbox fees.
Reduce inaccurate credit holds.
Increase revenue and reduce time to cash.

Case Study: Loomis Virtually Eliminates Overdue Debt

Learn how Loomis, a global cash movement company, reduced credit holds from overdue debt by streamlining cash application with Rimilia’s A/R Automation.