Rimilia acquired by BlackLine, the leading financial close and accounting automation platform

The Problem

Outdated collection processes across business units and global organizations cause your collection team to focus on the wrong tasks, which leads to high Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

The Pains:

  • High Days Sales Outstanding
  • A/R Aging report is hard to manage
  • Prioritizing collection focus is difficult and often confusing
  • Collection notices are not automated
  • Strained cashflow across all sectors
  • Ineffective collection communication
  • Haphazard collections strategies and mixed outcomes

The Solution: How Rimilia Reduces Excess A/R Days

Traditional B2B collection methods focus on aging, risk, and value. This approach leverages manual and outdated methods. It’s time to introduce the power of machine learning for finance and unlock faster collections by adding the key missing ingredient: individual customer payment behavior.

Rimilia Collect™ is an intelligent credit and collection management solution that reduces your Days Sales Outstanding through individual customer “behavior learning.”

In most cases, enterprises who implement Rimilia Collect™ triple their cash-collection rate for every collection request sent against a customer invoice. Imagine being able to complete 3x the number of collections for less work. That’s what Rimilia Collect™ gives you, helping to ensure that you maximize the financial relationship with each customer.

Customers who leverage Rimilia experience

  • An 89% reduction in 60-day aged debt
  • A 70% reduction in 6-month aged debt
  • A 60% increase in average collections per day
Reduced A/R Days
Reduced day sales outstanding
Vibrant customer financial relationship management
Streamlined A/R processes
Increased cash flow
Faster customer credit approval

Case Study: Loomis Reduces A/R Days (DSO)

Loomis increased collection productivity by 50% by implementing Rimilia Collect into their existing ERP and processes. Learn how they paired this with Rimilia Cash to reduce A/R days and gain even more cash flow efficiency.