Rimilia acquired by BlackLine, the leading financial close and accounting automation platform

The Problem

Traditional cash collection methods – which leverage manual processes such as paper checks, lockbox services, and aging analyses – lead to high cash collection time, impacting a company’s operations and ability to perform essential functions.

The Pains:

  • High DSO and aged debt rates
  • High unapplied cash balances
  • Inefficient cash collection & application
  • Bad debt provisions
  • Strained cashflow across all sectors
  • Strained or negative customer relationships
  • Haphazard collections strategies and mixed outcomes

The Solution: Rimilia Reduces Cash Collection Time

Modern companies combined Rimlia Cash™ & Rimlia Collect™ to streamline the entire customer payment journey, and to reduce the time it takes to collect cash.

With Rimilia Collect, you’ll be able to gain unique insight into each customer’s payment behavior, allowing you to predict cash flow and increase collections through machine learning. Using artificial intelligence to continuously learn and predict customer payments, we forecast activity accurately and minimize cash collection time.

Rimilia Cash increases the efficiency of payment processing and application of cash to invoices.  By applying automation to your existing ERP, Rimilia quickly aligns outstanding invoices to current payments with high accuracy and then continues to leverage new data to become smarter over time.

Customers who combine Rimilia Cash & Rimlia Collect experienced a 3x increase in payment collection and a 99% reduction in unapplied cash, allowing them to truly minimize cash collection time.

Improved cashflow.
Reduced hours spent in cash collections.
Vibrant customer financial relationship management.
More effective fiscal forecasting.
Easier customer credit approvals.
Greater focus on value-added tasks.

Case Study:

TalkTalk minimizes cash collection time with an 85% improvement in collection efficiency by leveraging Rimilia’s artificial intelligence and A/R Automation.