Rimilia acquired by BlackLine, the leading financial close and accounting automation platform

The Problem:

Gaining accurate visibility into customer creditworthiness is nearly impossible across multiple business units and global enterprises with complex financial systems. This reduces your ability to extend credit quickly and increases your risk of bad debt and slow cash flow.

The Pains:

  • Inaccurate and slow credit & customer payment data
  • Time-consuming credit-check processes
  • Lost revenue opportunities due to prolonged credit provisioning
  • Increased risk through inaccurate customer credit decisions
  • Slow cash-flow and high DSO

The Solution: How Rimilia Reduces Unapplied Cash

Accurate credit decisions require accurate data. With Rimilia Cash™ & Rimilia Collect™ accounting teams automate and integrate account receivable, remove 3rd party data delays (such as external lockbox services), reduce unapplied cash, and gain clear insight into customer payment behavior – allowing credit managers to make smarter faster decisions.

Reduce credit risk across the enterprise without sacrificing revenue opportunities.

With Rimilia, sales and customer success teams thrive as credit decisions occur quickly, allowing them to close new revenue while reducing enterprise credit risk.

Remove manual processes.
Reduce delays to financial reporting.
Speed up cash application.
Improve payment application accuracy.
Reduce bad debt balances.
Speed up dispute resolution.

Case Study:

Loomis increases productivity by 50% for credit controllers and promise to pay by 11%, resulting in improved customer insight and reduced credit risk.