The Problem

Using manual processes for remittance management leads to costly errors, cash application delays, and damaged customer relationships. In an increasingly digital world, businesses are sending payments, but no remits, so the need for a cash application software that can handle this behavior is paramount.

The Pains:

  • Slow & costly remittance process
  • Difficulty applying partial payments to bill line items
  • Delays in the cash application process
  • Strained customer relationships
  • Slow cash flow processes

The Solution: Remittance Automation

Rimilia’s cash allocation software matches remittances to invoices automatically removing the need for manual processes that slow down allocating cash.

Integrating seamlessly with any ERP, we automate the cash application process with a 99% full payment processing rate. Leveraging intelligent OCR remittance software, Rimilia not only automates the majority of remits but when they are missing, our matching algorithm kicks in to accurately apply payments to invoice line items.

Through machine learning, Rimilia continually learns and improves the ability to match payments to customer accounts accurately – no templating, no hand-keying, no playing snap with remittances, and no costly bank keying fees.

Automate remittances with invoices.
Speed-up cash application.
Increase customer account balance accuracy.
Automate auditing records and controls.
Eliminate hand-keyword & lockbox fees.
Improve cash flow.

Case Study: Wesco Automates Remittance

Wesco automates remittance application to achieve a 91% match rate and boost collection efficiency with Rimilia.