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Alloc8 cash allocation software, provides simple, secure and automated integration with any ERP system.

Alloc8 cash allocation software provides simple, secure and automated integration with any ERP system. As a non-invasive application, requiring a feed of data from the sales ledger of open items and following the cash allocation & matching process within Alloc8 an output file is produced for batch loading back into the ERP system. The output format is easily configurable and specific standard files are already in use for the following ERP systems:-

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Delivered out of the box in 6 weeks, any ERP, any industry, any country.

Just 7 advantages of Rimilia’s solutions over the standard ERP model – contact us to discover many more


Limited automatch capability of around 20-30% match rates
Treats each transaction as unique and does not learn
Cannot deal with remittances
Generally only holds one bank account
Cheques generally managed outside ERP and manually keyed in or loaded via Lockbox
Manual effort required to post and allocate cash creating time-lags and calls to customers that have already paid
Audits can be time consuming and can rely on the collation of data from multiple sources


150+ pre-built matching rules for complex decisions generating automatch rates of up to 95%
Learns from every transaction and builds knowledge to support future automated and user decisions
Standard in-built intelligent OCR enabling first capture and matching allowing users to see incoming remittances when not yet appeared in the bank
Holds multiple bank accounts and identifies changes in patterns and alerts users
Cheque processing is standard using hi-speed scanners that capture cheque data and images providing automation levels of 90-95%
Seamless interface to and from any ERP – no manual keying required, credit controllers can see every transaction and every associated document instantly
Audit and control are in built and all associated current and historical transactions and associated images can be retrieved in one click