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It is imperative to have faith in any solutions to ensure the future growth and capability of an organisation. Rimilias innovative cash allocation solutions provide peace of mind from the initial risk free decision, fast return on investment, world class (and beyond) as standard and future proofed to know you will always be ahead of the competition using a Rimilia solution.

  • Return on Investment 6-9 Months
  • Risk Free Decision with our Pre Delivery Assurance Model
  • Future Proofed – Upgrades as standard
  • Real Time view, dashboards and reports
  • Customer insight and Predictive analytics
  • Accurate Forecasting
  • Control and Audit requirements built in

Global Process Owners

In a world where a standard, world class process can be difficult to achieve without lots of internal change, customer change or bespoke (and expensive) development can make life difficult in selecting solutions that fit your vision. With many global clients now seeing Rimilia cash allocation solutions as a catalyst to implement a simple solution anywhere in the world (even when it may change in near future) and be assured of beyond world class wherever you are, whatever internal solutions, local rules or local systems you are up against.

  • Existing Global customers provide confidence and reference
  • Out of the box, wherever you are, whatever the current process or system
  • Future Proofed and supportive of ongoing initiatives
  • Trusted partner who has been there and works alongside you and your vision
  • Fast benefits and can be delivered as a staged approach or “big bang” approach
  • Beyond world class and beyond guaranteed

Credit Managers

Faced with the challenge  of having to account for every customer all the time can put unnecessary pressure on the Credit Manager. Rimilia is seen as a trusted partner, enabling Credit Managers to use solutions that not only support and enhance the daily process but also provide insightful analytics and future behaviour patterns that allow you to be confident in your ongoing strategy for both collections and to support the business in giving insight into future sales growth.

  • Self Learning solutions that grow with your business
  • Supporting the right strategy, at the right time, all the time
  • Up to date insightful dashboard data in real time
  • Allows you to see what’s around the corner with predictive analytics
  • Making sure your team are focused on chasing the right customers, with the right actions, every time
  • Allows you to analyse the cost of collections and potential margin erosion
  • Unrivalled automated cash allocation match rates and clear down times, accurate and controlled

Credit Controller

In a world where the pressure on your time to make the right call at the right time to the right customer is never more apparent, Rimilia solutions are a trusted partner to support your every day role. Solutions that help make decisions, based on your actions or requirements mean that you have everything you need at your fingertips instantly throughout the day. Without having to use spreadsheets or open lots of windows in the sales ledger to get an up to date accurate view of a customer before you take an action allows you to focus on making the right decision to the right customer at the right time.

  • Dynamic customer call and chase priorities
  • All the information in one place in real time
  • Early view of customers about to pay reducing wasted calls or unhappy customers
  • The right action, at the right time, all the time
  • Informed and predictive analytics
  • Customer Insight not available anywhere else

IT Manager / Director

Trying to keep on top of all the technology requirements of the business
can be a challenge.  With technological innovation changing at such a speed and trying to maintain both the core business applications and the demands of the business to provide more and more to support their requirements.

With Rimilia solutions you are in a safe pair of hands, providing leading edge SaaS technology and RPA solutions in the finance process hosted out of our Tier4 data centers in UK / USA. Up and running and achieving beyond world class in 6 weeks, Rimilia with its subscription model ensures we are a trusted partner and provide you with the confidence to focus on the core business needs.

  • Fast ROI
  • Tier 4 Data Centers (UK/USA)
  • Full subscription model, with support, maintenance and upgrades as standard
  • Full standard interfaces with any ERP System
  • Little if any internal IT resource time required