Cash flow : Predicted

Rimilia wins ‘Business of the Year’ in the Birmingham Awards 2018

Rimilia software uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the cash collection process. This award is one in a stream of success as it comes alongside other recent awards the business has won.

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Top five things that make finance software support world class

Customer Success – the new buzz word dominating the IT and Software industry. You may have come across this when looking for financial automation solutions. But what does it mean and what makes it better than simple customer support?

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South Staffs Water and Rimilia agree AI partnership

Rimilia are pleased to announce a new partnership with South Staffs Water, a provider of the resource to around 1.6 million customers in the UK. The partnership sees the utility company integrating our AI credit management software to help customers with paying bills.

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Can technology supersede outdated credit management workflows?

Credit management is undergoing a technological revolution. Is the technology really available to supersede old 'dumb' workflows that treat all customers the same? Can it truly allow collections departments to run a fair and customised approach to credit collections for each customer?

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Rimilia hits 86% new license growth and record customer acquisition rate

Rimilia are pleased to announce in its 2018 fiscal year they exceeded its customer, revenue, company and product goals. One of the key highlights is year-on-year double-digit revenue growth, driven by new and existing customers.

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Graydon and Rimilia form a knowledge alliance

Rimilia are pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Graydon, leading provider of business data, insights and analytics. The partnership sees the launch of a series of workshops designed to widen knowledge and share expertise for credit and finance professionals.

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