Cash flow : Predicted

How I decided to be part of the pink revolution in Order to Cash

AI solutions are transforming ever more business processes and providing great benefits to those that adopt them, but is accounts receivable suitable for this kind of automation.

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Why Radical Transformation of Finance Processes is sweeping the USA

While traditional optimizations can all deliver significant improvements, the rise of revolutionary new digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence means that business leaders are now able to shift to the next gear, effecting radical transformation for their organizations.

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How Business Transformation Creates Finance Heroes

As we all know, finance professionals play a pivotal role in any organisation, ensuring that the lifeblood of the business, cash, is kept flowing effortlessly into the business. However, despite appearances, the job itself is regularly far from effortless.

Why adoption of AI in Finance is about to explode

To many finance professionals, artificial intelligence (AI) is something they may have heard plenty about, but had little real world experience with. This is all about to change.

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Rimilia joins select Microsoft ScaleUp programme to drive global expansion

Rimilia, a leading global intelligent financial automation software provider, has announced a collaboration with Microsoft after being accepted onto the current cohort of the select Microsoft ScaleUp programme.

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Optimum Finance chooses Rimilia software for financial automation

Rimilia Alloc8 Cash cuts the time spent matching payments to less than 30 minutes, with 89 per cent automatically matched after just two weeks

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