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Impellam benefit from Rimilia cash allocation automation

September 14, 2017
By Rimilia

ERP: Topaz

Bank: Barclays

Industry: recruitment/staffing

Product: Alloc8 Cash

Company Overview:

CICM Quality accredited, Impellam Group is the 2nd largest staffing business in the UK and 6th largest MSP provider worldwide. With over 3,400 Impellam people throughout the network of 20 market-leading brands and across 182 worldwide locations, Impellam provide managed services and specialist staff across the UK, North America, Asia Pacific, Australasia and mainland Europe.  


The nature of the recruitment sector results in a mixture of short and long-term assignments across multiple specialist brands, which all drives a large volume of invoices. This also results in a high volume of payment receipts and complex remittance advices all of which take time to reconcile in the sales ledger. Other challenges that faced Impellam included:

  • large number of customer accounts  
  • multiple transactions of the same value from the same customer
  • time taken to process cash
  • lack of remittance advices
  • large number of invoices
  • peak at month end, etc.

Project Overview

The challenges listed above led Impellam to evaluate various options to improve the cash allocation process and achieve better results while remaining efficient and retaining high customer satisfaction. The requirements were to automate the cash allocation process to enable all payment receipts to be allocated within a day of receipt, to reduce unallocated cash and provide a clean and up to date sales ledger to enable the collection team to focus on overdue debt rather than reconciliation of cash on account with customers. Also, to provide information that enables compliance with anti-money laundering regulations.  

Alloc8 Cash from Rimilia was installed to automate the “end to end” cash allocation process. Although Topaz, the ERP system used at Impellam, was a novel environment for Rimilia to invest and develop, the implementation went seamlessly and was a massive success overall providing the following benefits:

  • Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption of transactions for enhanced security
  • Single sign-on (SSO) that permits a user to use one set of login credentials to access Alloc8
  • multiple divisions in scope – 6 divisions, all UK based
  • comprehensive remittance capture solution
  • integration with electronic bank data
  • instant data output to Topazmatching algorithms to enable receipts without remittances to be processed accurately and automatically
  • self-learning functions.


The impact of Alloc8 has been visible from Day 1, when the system allowed the cash team to clear cash utilising Rimilia’s library of auto match rules combined with unique smart filters to achieve a match rate of 80%. Other results include:

  •  all payments allocated by 12pm even at month end
  • less reliance on the remittances because of the system and its self-learning capability
  •  greater visibility and control for credit controllers (all payments auto matched upon import of payment file will update the sales ledger straightaway allowing credit controllers to see more up to date positions on the sales ledger, which allows them to chase those customers that need chasing at the right time)
  • greater efficiency  
  • duplicates removed and sales ledger updated automatically
  • greater customer satisfaction, and many more.

Impellam Projects Director Arlene O’Brien said:

Since introducing Alloc8 to our business we have seen a significant improvement in the speed of daily allocations which in turn helps our Credit Services team who have accurate aged debts early each morning. The automatch function works well and every day our allocation team strive to improve the percentage uptake rate within the system. The project team worked extremely well together and Rimilia were always on hand to answer any questions or make any tweaks we wanted to processes. Having a flexible working relationship really benefited the implementation

Rimilia Project Manager Satwant Flora commented:

It has been a great opportunity to work with the team at Impellam. They have been enthusiastic and positive throughout the implementation. It is amazing to see the business receiving benefits from Alloc8 from day 1 and those benefits increasing as the system is learning and their internal processes are being reviewed. It has been a pleasure doing this project and I am looking forward to a strong relationship between Rimilia and Impellam. 

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