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Rimilia welcome new talent and new interns

June 28, 2017
By Rimilia

Rimilia brand-new program for summer interns commences, with new talented individuals from Aston University gaining a chance to get experience and learn with us

We’re happy to announce that 5 new interns: Aliya Shah, Harman Uppal, Callum Bugajski, Oliver Foxall and Rabiia Khan are joining our team, on work placement from the Computer Science Industry Club at Aston University in Birmingham. The Computer Science Industry Club is an exclusive partnership program for a select group of companies, including Rimilia, which was launched as a result of increasing demand from industry for Aston University’s computing students and graduates.

Through our continued relationship with Aston University, our new interns will be working as perfect additions to our Support, Infrastructure and Development Teams, taking on support and dev work while learning and developing their skills. We take a real pride in helping them to develop in the world of IT and fintech, enhancing their knowledge and understanding of the work environment and hopefully, giving them plenty of invaluable experience in a competitive market.

A second-year student, Aliya loves spending her free time going to the cinema and exploring new places to eat. She is interested in artificial intelligence and would like to advance her career in that field. Aliya said:

"My experience so far at Rimilia has been great and very insightful. Everyone here is really helpful and open. I'm extremely glad I have taken a year in industry with Rimilia because of the way the organisation works. It will allow me to gain experience in different departments which will then help me decide which kind of technical career path I would like to focus on. I feel that by interning at Rimilia I have made the best choice because of the amount of support and training I am receiving.
It's more than just being a number in the employee records; you definitely feel like a part of the team allowing you to take on a little more each day. I have learnt so much during these three weeks from just being around the team taking in everything they teach you. It has been very fast paced and I have really enjoyed my time here. I can't wait to see how far I come in the next year as there are new things to be learnt every single day from those around me."

Aliya Shah, Second-Year Student at Aston University


A first-year student, Harman enjoys travelling and discovering new cultures. He's built his own gaming app and would like to develop and progress in the area of game design and creation. Harman commented:

"Rimilia is the first professional workplace I have been in and is completely different to what I expected. Everyone is friendly and happy to help no matter how small the problem is, you are encouraged to explore other areas of the business as well to expand your own skill set to which I have added many new skills after only 3 weeks!

So far I enjoy working here. Every day you're working on something new or working with different parts of the company. It is much like a family in that everyone helps each other out, which I feel is a very good environment to work in. I hope to gain as much knowledge about how the real workplace works, new skills and advice to take into my second year of university to help me with the various projects I will have ”

Harman Uppal, First-Year Student at Aston University


A big welcome to our new interns! Glad to have you on board.