Cash flow : Predicted

How Business Transformation Creates Finance Heroes

As we all know, finance professionals play a pivotal role in any organisation, ensuring that the lifeblood of the business, cash, is kept flowing effortlessly into the business. However, despite appearances, the job itself is regularly far from effortless.

Cash Can Be Predictable: Realising Real Time Finance

Cash coming into any business has always been important. However, if a Faster Payment means the remittance lags receipt of the cash, sometimes the cash can’t be released for use in the business - not ideal!

Rimilia delighted to attend SSFUK2017

Rimilia has announced its sponsorship of and attendance at Shared Services Forum UK’s Annual Conference 2017. Each year, this flagship event attracts over 300 leading SSC professionals and showcases a select number of key industry suppliers and business partners.

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Impellam benefit from Rimilia cash allocation automation

CICM Quality accredited, Impellam Group is the 2nd largest staffing business in the UK and 6th largest MSP provider worldwide. With over 3,400 Impellam people throughout the network of 20 market-leading brands and across 182 worldwide locations, Impellam provide managed services and specialist staff across the UK, North America, Asia Pacific, Australasia and mainland Europe.

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