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Rimilia was founded in 2008 at the height of the global financial crisis after the company Directors, who are all highly experienced in managing back office financial processes, came across a problem faced by a large organisation that was struggling to keep ahead of their cash allocation process.

This raised lots of questions; isn’t cash the easiest process in the finance chain, how difficult can it be to apply cash to payments, and why do you need lots of people doing this? In an area where margins are tight an additional overhead to apply cash seemed wrong.


Rimilia formed – Rimilia stands for Receive It Match It Learn It Automate. The basis of our solutions being that they learn as they go and continue to improve and add value without additional costs.

We then went to market to see what was available in the automation space and were surprised at the lack of solutions, the quality of them and the excessive cost of what little were available.

Many lacked innovation or were missing chunks of functionality to wholly change the manual process. We also looked at what our three ERP providers could do and whilst they could provide some automation this was limited in many ways and the cost vs the levels of automation they could provide didn’t stack up.


We felt we could do better and offer something never seen before and after many meetings together came up with the first blueprint on how we could change the face of finance solutions.

It was decided very early that we would be different in every aspect, from sales where we are seen as a practitioner and not a hard seller so that the client is 100% confident that the solution will work, change their world and provide a fast return on investment.


The first version of Alloc8 was released and our early adopter customers loved the solution. They got a fast return on investment and continue to be reference clients to this day. They now have the latest version of Alloc8 with even more benefits.

Moving Forward

Rimilia’s software is completely different to anything else on the market. We use games developers to design the user interface making the user experience exciting, simple to use and navigate and like most mobile phone apps, within an hour of using them you know all you need to know.

The magic lies in the technology which sits under the hood that allows the solution to make intelligent decisions to help users and take the process to unprecedented levels of automation. A transparent pricing model ensures you know what you are paying for the contract term.

Professional services are fixed and sensible, support, maintenance and upgrades are factored in for flexibility just in case the process changes. A cloud solution ensures we take the strain of all the IT work and system availability to ensure performance is always optimised.

One of the biggest barriers we face is “It’s too good to be true”. To prove our solutions are not we have many testimonials from customers who can back up our claims of better than world class.


Rimilia products continue to grow. Following the success of Alloc8, we have now introduced solutions for Collections, Bank Reconciliation and Cash Forecasting. We are committed to continuous improvement to add innovative and ground breaking solutions at a cost that allows for a fast return on investment and a risk free decision.