Cash flow : Guaranteed

Why choose us?

There’s lots of reasons that make Rimilia the first choice to streamline your Accounts Receivables functions and, more importantly, improve your cash flow. These range from a best in class auto-match rate, the ability to predict customers payment behaviour almost immediately and ROI in less than 12 months.

We’ve spoken to our customers and they’ve chosen the following topics as why they love Rimilia.

Cash is King

How can you improve your cash position? Most organisations instinctively know the answer, but sometimes lack the real-time information to make decisions on where to direct resources and which customers to chase.

Rimilia’s view on this is simple. Every Accounts Receivables department, cash team and credit professional should have the tools on hand to provide visibility and control, minimise effort and guarantee cash flow.

Best in class machine learning platform

Using our advanced artificial intelligence (AI) processes, you can predict customer payment behaviour and forecast timings. Our machine learning software learns from day one so you get immediate benefits.

Delivering certainty

You can get a real-time cash position and forecast ahead confidently. This leads to a reduction in Day Sales Outstanding and eliminates unallocated cash.

Total visibility

Our advanced dashboards let you have a real-time accurate view of your customer’s accounts and take account of this in making your decisions. This enables you to take the right action at the right time, every time.

Enhanced Control

Our software automates repetitive tasks and has full in-built audit and compliance controls. This removes 70% of manual activity and associated costs whilst improving the quality of your decision making.

A perfect fit

Simple to integrate with your ERP

We’re ERP agnostic, so no matter what ERP system you have, we can integrate with it.

Simple to use

If you’re still using spreadsheets and highlighter pens to reconcile payments, then you’ll love our platform. With one click you can be matching unreconciled items and reducing manual effort from day one.

Simple to scale

The platform can deliver global processing of Accounts Receivables in real-time, driving efficiencies across your customer base – in any country, any currency and any market sector.

Return on investment (ROI)

All our cash automation solutions come out of the box with cloud-based delivery, which means they can be up and running very quickly allowing you to begin enjoying the benefits within 6 weeks.

A simple and transparent pricing model means you will be able to enjoy a fast return on your investment and all our solutions are future proofed giving you peace of mind that any future upgrades are included in our pricing model so there are no hidden surprises.

Our customers achieve a return on investment within 12 months.

Team work

Automation = less manual effort

By automating your reconciliation and repetitive tasks, your team can be deployed on more added-value tasks. Rimilia delivers tools that transform the way Accounts Receivables teams work and are a great boost for achieving targets and KPIs.


Our platform has built-in gamification, designed to encourage teamwork and goal based activities.